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Your Old Crappy Code

If you’re not new to software, you’ve probably come across some old code of yours and thought: Oh snap! What is this? What was I thinking? I’ve done it. My friends and colleagues have done. You’ve probably done it as … Continue reading 

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Recruiting and Being Recruited

We all know that the software industry is in dire need of more developers. This means that there is also a huge market in finding and hiring those people for companies. Whether it’s an internal team, or an agency, here … Continue reading 

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My Pablo’s Fiesta Experience

My Pablo’s Fiesta Experience In case you missed it, Pablo’s Fiesta was this past weekend. As usual, it was great! In addition to meeting smart new people and seeing tons of old friends, I also learned a thing or two … Continue reading 

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10 Uses for Realtime Web Technologies

By: Brad Carleton So far, this series on Building Realtime HTML5 Apps has been fairly abstract/technical, which is great for my inner nerd. But for this final article, I wanted to focus on real life uses for realtime web technologies. … Continue reading 

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Realtime User Interface Design

By Brad Carleton This is the third installment in a series on Building Realtime HTML5 Apps. Most of the thoughts and ideas from these articles stem from my experience building, a realtime javascript framework. The previous articles focused on … Continue reading 

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Single Page Apps & Realtime, a Love Story

This is the second in a series of articles on Building Realtime HTML5 Apps. In the first article, we looked at the difference between Websockets and AJAX as transport mechanisms for data. In this article, I wanted to explore why … Continue reading 

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Browser Wars: Websockets vs. AJAX

This is the first in a series of articles on Building Realtime HTML5 Apps. I recently created a new framework called, and I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on building realtime web applications. This series is going … Continue reading 

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Learn Some Modern Web Development With Me!

So I have this friend that is pretty dang smart and has a lot of good ideas. We were chatting the other day about some neat things we are working on and in the end I convinced Brad to blog … Continue reading 

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The Model Home

The other day I was having a discussion with my co-worker Justin and came up with an analogy I rather like. I was working on three similar, but slightly different features and first decided to build the foundation for all … Continue reading 

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Introducing Formo – Dynamic Configuration

In the off-chance that I have to maintain your code in the future, I feel I should gamble and share this project with you. I created it, I use it, and I like it. Something bothers me about seeing strings … Continue reading 

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