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A Timely Post – Introducing Palmer and TempusReader

I may have found the Peanut Butter to my Jelly. Maybe not, but I accidentally stumbled upon a project called Palmer. This library lets one define an amount of time to do some sort of activity. Maybe a call that … Continue reading 

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Own Your Work

This post is mostly here to share a link. Jeremy Miller posted ‘“Code Complete” is a polite fiction, “Done, done, done” is the hard truth‘. Before clicking through I thought I was going to disagree. After reading through, I agree … Continue reading 

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Extending Objects in Underscore

Underscore is a very nice library, it’s what Backbone JS is built on. What I’ve come to like about it is its ability to provide very helpful functions that let you more effectively work with sets of data. Below is … Continue reading 

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Extending Objects in Dojo

Dojo works a bit differently than we saw with jQuery and ExtJS. They have the notion of extend as well as mixin. These both behave differently, not only from each other, but from the previous jQuery.extend and Ext.apply. These methods … Continue reading 

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Extending Objects in Ext JS

Last time we explored JavaScript object extension we dove into the most popular JavaScript library in the known universe, jQuery. This time around we’ll be looking at Ext JS, a framework I’ve been using quite a bit lately. Ext JS … Continue reading 

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Extending Objects in jQuery

Welcome to my journey of ¬†extending objects in JavaScript frameworks; let’s explore jQuery! Extending an object in jQuery is simple, there are just a few rules you need to understand. Extension works from left to right and you’re allowed to … Continue reading 

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Extending Objects with JavaScript

I have been a fan of JavaScript for quite some time, but mostly as an outsider looking in. I feel like I understand many of the concepts and can be fairly dangerous, but recently I have made it a point … Continue reading 

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Build Documentation from your Tests

A couple months ago I decided to toy around with some code ideas in my head. I had two goals: To be able to parse some plain English and make DateTime and Timespans objects. To try out Parsley (because I … Continue reading 

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Using CNAME With Azure

It was really hard to find and asking Google for the answer was tricky so I’m going to let you know: If you’re wanting to use a CNAME with a site that’s hosted on Microsoft Azure, you must be in … Continue reading 

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Why Source Control Matters and Hopefully it’s Git

I had an interesting and fun discussion last week with my fellow Headspring employees. I’m a big advocate of using git and I’m also the type of person that likes clean code and clean commits. Combining these two things and … Continue reading 

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