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To sign or not to sign an OSS project

At one point, AutoMapper was not a signed assembly. Until someone asked for it, I went ahead and signed the assembly, and really haven’t had a complaint since. But it seems that signing of OSS projects is a bit of … Continue reading 


Autoprojecting LINQ queries

Something I’ve been looking at adding to AutoMapper was the idea of doing automatic query projection in the Select query projection in LINQ statements.  One downside of AutoMapper is that projection from domain objects still forces the entire domain object … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper Tests Made Simple

I work primarily on a C# ASP.NET MVC application that deals with many other systems which seem to dish out strings all over the place. Hence the need for something like AutoMapper. When converting this data into objects or enumerations, … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper upgraded to .NET 4 and VS 2010

In the last post, I posed the question on what to do with .NET framework upgrades and OSS support.  I wanted to upgrade AutoMapper to .NET 4, but I didn’t want to leave a lot of folks behind because their … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 1.1 released

Today I pushed out the 1.1 release of AutoMapper.  From the release notes: Features Adding support for Silverlight 3.0 Auto-implementing INotifyPropertyChanged Conditional member mapping Destination member prefixes, postfixes and naming transformers Enhancements Nullable destination types more obvious Late binding configuration … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper Git workflow – dealing with bugs/issues

Along with the switch of VCS to git came the ability to have much improved workflows that simply weren’t possible in CVCS like TFS or SVN.  The nice thing about Git over CVCS is that because of its power, I … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper source moved to GitHub

After putting it through the paces, I’m ready to (finally) announce that the AutoMapper source code has moved to GitHub: I wanted to wait to “officially” move until I had moved the build over, added new features and processed … Continue reading 

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Teaching AutoMapper about our conventions

I often need to send data from my entities to the client in JSON format to enable rich AJAX functionality. It isn’t practical to serialize the entities directly, so they are first flattened to a data transfer object (DTO) before … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper for Silverlight 3.0 Alpha

In between workshops here at the MVP Summit, I’ve been working on pushing out an early Alpha for an AutoMapper version built against Silverlight 3.0.  Thanks to some existing patches from the community, it was pretty straightforward to get things … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 1.0 RTW

AutoMapper is now officially 1.0.  You can go grab the latest binaries here: AutoMapper 1.0 RTW Here are the release notes: New Features Changing the null substitute method name and allow any type of null substitute Consolidating custom constructor configuration … Continue reading 

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