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Vendor Lock-In Vs. Best Of Breed Tools

I posted the bulk of this on the Albacore group as a reason for my wanting to take Albacore down to it’s “core” as a suite of build related tasks (which I talked about in the Preview1 post). However, I … Continue reading 

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How To Build Custom Rake Tasks; The Right Way

A long time ago (last year) I wrote a few blog posts that talked about how I was going about creating some custom rake tasks. This turned out to be the beginning of my albacore project and I’ve been working … Continue reading 

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Why Is Git Trying To Delete My Project Folder?!

NO! I do NOT want you do delete my project… what’s going on here? why is git trying to delete my project folder? Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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Albacore v0.2.0 Preview 1 Is Available

A few days ago I pushed a preview version of Albacore up to RubyGems. The intention of doing a preview release was to show everyone the new direction that Albacore is heading and to get feedback from the community on … Continue reading 

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I Bought An iPad… And I’m Returning It.

A while back I posted that I would buy an iPad when I found a very specific type of app for it. Well I found that app thanks to the comments on the blog post and I’ve had my iPad … Continue reading 

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