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AutoMapper DSL design post-mortem

As I move towards the 1.0 release of AutoMapper, I’m already running in to things I wish I had done differently.  I still will probably fix all of these eventually, but none of these design issues should prevent a release, … Continue reading 

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Automapper Auto Profile Registration.

  On some of our projects we have been experimenting with smaller AutoMapper profiles.  The idea is that it is easier to digest a smaller profile. We have gone so far as creating a profile for each Domain object and … Continue reading 

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An AutoMapper success story

I got a cool message on the AutoMapper mailing list from Howard Van Rooijen on how they used AutoMapper in a site they recently launched to production: Hello AutoMapper Community, I just wanted to let you know that an e-commerce … Continue reading 

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The case for two-way mapping in AutoMapper

I’m getting more and more requests around the area of two-way mapping, meaning you’d do something like: Product –> ProductDTO ProductDTO –> Product Product being an entity, I can’t for the life of me understand why I’d want to dump … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 1.0 RC1 released

It’s been quite a long journey with AutoMapper, with the origins written just over a year ago now.  I’ve focused on stability and performance since the 0.3.1 release back in May, and from here to the 1.0 release, I’ll just … Continue reading 

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Analyzing AutoMapper performance

One of the last things I wanted to look at AutoMapper before pushing it out to production was to get some idea of how it performed.  One of the more difficult things in doing this is trying to come up … Continue reading 


How we do MVC – View models

A while back, I went over a few of the patterns and opinions we’ve gravitated towards on our current large-ish ASP.NET MVC project, or, how we do MVC.  Many of these opinions were forged the hard way, by doing the … Continue reading 

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Requesting features for AutoMapper

On the AutoMapper mailing list, I get a lot of what I consider wacky requests.  Not because the requests aren’t valid, but rarely do I get any context of what people are trying to do with AutoMapper.  As a reference, … Continue reading 

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Podcast on AutoMapper live

A couple of weeks ago, Craig at Polymorphic Podcast was kind, and patient enough to listen to me ramble for about an hour or so on AutoMapper.  We talked about quite a few topics concerning object-to-object mapping and AutoMapper, including: … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper and IoC

Since we’re a big user of IoC containers, namely StructureMap (which was obviously a big inspiration in the design of the configuration), I tried to make AutoMapper IoC-friendly out of the box.  It wasn’t friendly at first, Jeffrey Palermo had … Continue reading 

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