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My Pablo’s Fiesta Experience

My Pablo’s Fiesta Experience In case you missed it, Pablo’s Fiesta was this past weekend. As usual, it was great! In addition to meeting smart new people and seeing tons of old friends, I also learned a thing or two … Continue reading 

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Arduino Show and Tell at Pablo’s Fiesta

My favorite conference is coming up! (Shh, you’re all my favorites; now hush.) Pablo’s Fiesta has the most engaging density of relevant content because we make the content. You and me (and some other folks), on Friday evening, propose Saturday’s … Continue reading 

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Presenters, Use Code Snippets for Live Coding

Creating code live on the fly makes a more compelling demo, but actually typing those curly braces and semi-colons can kill a presentation. As hard as it is not to say “um”, it’s nigh impossible to not make a million … Continue reading 

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Intro to the Arduino at CodeMash

I’m presenting an introduction to the Arduino microcontroller at CodeMash Friday morning at 9:30. Resources for getting started with the Arduino are on If you’re at CodeMash, I invite you to the talk. It’ll be a blast, and I … Continue reading 

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Why go to a Prolog talk?

I’m famous!* At this year’s CodeMash conference, O’Reilly Media interviewed CodeMash attendees about our languages and technologies of interest, and I’m in it. Now take note of my face starting at 1:15, when I’m asked what programming language I’d like … Continue reading 

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BUILD conference–day 3

The future of C# Yesterday Anders Hejlsberg gave a talk about future directions of C# and VB.Net. He started with look back and then immediately dive into the new features of C# 5.0 which is part of VS 2011 and … Continue reading 

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BUILD conference–day 2

Today was the day of Windows 8 Server and of the Windows runtime (WinRT). WinRT is the new layer providing a language neutral interface to the underlying operating system. It is written in C++ and consists of purely native code. … Continue reading 

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BUILD conference–day 1

Day one is over and my head is packed with new information and impressions. It was a heavy dose of new stuff that was presented to us. But I have to admit, for the first time since many years I … Continue reading 

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BUILD conference–day 0

I am here in Anaheim CA attending the Microsoft BUILD conference. During the next 4 days Microsoft will finally reveal details about the upcoming Windows 8. The sparse information that has been available so far left us developers and architects … Continue reading 

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Why Argue About Words?

From the opening session of Alt.Net 2007… Nearly as loud as the argument about changing the Alt.Net name is the camp saying “who cares what it’s named?” I don’t have a problem with the Alt.Net name, and I’m past bored … Continue reading 

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