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Bugs, defects and feedback

In my last post, I talked about how we like to track bugs, with just pieces of paper.  At lot of the responses were interesting, but I think some came back to the issue of “what is a bug?”  Some … Continue reading 


My favorite bug-tracking system

I’m of the opinion that a process must demonstrate the need for software, before software is put in place to manage that process.  Bug tracking is a process, but often we jump straight to a software solution for managing/tracking bugs … Continue reading 


Video of the Continuous Integration workshop

Early this week we  ( Jeffrey Palermo and I ) gave a Continuous Integration Workshop in Austin.  We were able to record the workshop and our company Headspring Systems made the recordings available on their website. There is just under … Continue reading 


A Failed Opportunity To Coach, Teach, And Help Others Improve

A colleague in the nation of Pablo-The-Donkey asked a question on the LosTechies private mailing list: “Has anyone had experience with bringing agile into a workplace that has legacy code that hurts to touch, let alone wrap tests around and … Continue reading 


Continuous Database Integration – video

At the continuous integration workshop Headspring Systems held in Austin this week one of the topics that we covered was Database Integration. We are still in the process of publishing the videos of the entire workshop but I thought I … Continue reading 


Some Initial Thoughts On Agile Developer Skills And Certification

There’s a new mailing list over on Google Groups surrounding the ideas behind Agile Developer Skills Certification. After reading this post by Ron Jeffries, I joined up with the group and started reading the traffic. I generally share the same … Continue reading 


Free Continuous Integration Workshop in Austin Tuesday Sept 15th 1pm-5pm

  I am doing a Continuous Integration Workshop next Tuesday.  The admission is free and will be held at the Microsoft Office.  To register go here:   This will cover the basics of what continuous integration is as well … Continue reading 


A Kanban Board Is A Production Leveling Task Board

In the lean manufacturing world heijunka – production leveling – “is a technique for reducing the mura waste and vital to the development of production efficiency […]. The general idea is to produce intermediate goods at a constant rate, to … Continue reading 


Breaking changes in Ncover 3.0 integration with Cruise Control .Net

  There were some changes to the nCover xml reports for code coverage which will break your existing integration with cruise control .net. Specifically if you use the Statistics feature of Cruise Control which is one of the best features … Continue reading 

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Kanban In Time-Boxes: The Cadence of WIP and Sprints

A comment that was left on a previous post, and a response that I made to the comment, got me thinking about Kanban and time boxes such as Sprints or Iterations some more. As I stated in my response, I … Continue reading