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Converting AutoMapper to a Portable Class Library

In the early days of AutoMapper, I got requests to support AutoMapper in other platforms (mainly Silverlight). I didn’t have any experience in those other platforms, but I thought it would be easy. It was not. I wound up with … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 3.0, Portable Class Libraries and PlatformNotSupportedException

One of the major additions of AutoMapper 3.0 is the support of multiple frameworks through Portable Class Libraries. A Portable Class Library (PCL) allows a library developer to easily target multiple frameworks, as Scott Hanselman pointed on in a blog … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 3.0 released

AutoMapper had Silverlight 4 support a while back, but it was a huge pain to keep up. In this release, I converted AutoMapper to a Portable Class Library, with supported platforms: .NET 4 and higher Silverlight 4 and higher Windows … Continue reading 


AutoMapper for Java

Every once in a while, I get a request asking if there’s anything like AutoMapper for the Java platform. For a long time, that answer was “no”. Not anymore! Jonathan Halterman got in touch with me almost 2 years ago … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 2.0.0 released

Check out the announcement for details. Now that everything’s on GitHub, NuGet and TeamCity, this should make newer versions much easier and quicker to release. I hadn’t planned on waiting so long, but upgrading to .NET 4 and adding new … Continue reading 


AutoMapper completely moved to GitHub

Cross posted from the AutoMapper blog (which I hope to stop cross-posting, eventually): AutoMapper is now completely moved to GitHub: AutoMapper GitHub I’ve updated the site on CodePlex to reflect this move, and moved all existing content over: All issues … Continue reading 

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Simplicity is a good thing. Especially when you want to turn out a site that’s really only a couple of pages, max, you don’t want to spend much time (or any) futzing around with things that you don’t care about. … Continue reading 


Official site of AutoMapper launched at

I’ve (finally) officially launched the official AutoMapper site at It will be a central location for links to AutoMapper resources (mailing list, source, wiki, blog etc.) as well as a spot for news and announcements. I also have an … Continue reading 


To sign or not to sign an OSS project

At one point, AutoMapper was not a signed assembly. Until someone asked for it, I went ahead and signed the assembly, and really haven’t had a complaint since. But it seems that signing of OSS projects is a bit of … Continue reading 


Autoprojecting LINQ queries

Something I’ve been looking at adding to AutoMapper was the idea of doing automatic query projection in the Select query projection in LINQ statements.  One downside of AutoMapper is that projection from domain objects still forces the entire domain object … Continue reading 

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