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How we do MVC – View models

A while back, I went over a few of the patterns and opinions we’ve gravitated towards on our current large-ish ASP.NET MVC project, or, how we do MVC.  Many of these opinions were forged the hard way, by doing the … Continue reading 

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Requesting features for AutoMapper

On the AutoMapper mailing list, I get a lot of what I consider wacky requests.  Not because the requests aren’t valid, but rarely do I get any context of what people are trying to do with AutoMapper.  As a reference, … Continue reading 


Podcast on AutoMapper live

A couple of weeks ago, Craig at Polymorphic Podcast was kind, and patient enough to listen to me ramble for about an hour or so on AutoMapper.  We talked about quite a few topics concerning object-to-object mapping and AutoMapper, including: … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper and IoC

Since we’re a big user of IoC containers, namely StructureMap (which was obviously a big inspiration in the design of the configuration), I tried to make AutoMapper IoC-friendly out of the box.  It wasn’t friendly at first, Jeffrey Palermo had … Continue reading 


AutoMapper feature – custom type converters

This one came up on the mailing list, so I thought I might as well blog about it (and fill in the documentation). Sometimes, you need to take complete control over the conversion of one type to another. This is … Continue reading 


AutoMapper feature: interfaces and dynamic mapping

In this post, I’ll highlight two features new in the 0.3 release: mapping to interfaces and dynamic mapping.  Both of these come up in rather interesting scenarios. Mapping to interface destinations In some messaging scenarios, the message itself is not … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 0.3 Beta released

Today, I dropped AutoMapper 0.3 Beta.  From the release notes: New Features Mapping to interfaces Do not need any implementation configured Implementation is created at runtime using proxies Dynamic mapping Do not need to configure source/destination type Used with Mapper.DynamicMap … Continue reading 

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Adventures with IL Merge

A recent addition to AutoMapper is the feature where I can map directly to and from interfaces.  You don’t need a concrete type to do this, AutoMapper will create an implementation for you at runtime, with default property behavior.  To … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper now on

Big thanks to Jeffrey for getting this going: What made it much easier was that I used TreeSurgeon as a starting place for builds.  NAnt isn’t the dirt easiest thing to get going from scratch, so TreeSurgeon’s tree and … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper feature: projection

I’m slowly filling in documentation for AutoMapper, which is turning out to be exactly as much fun as I estimated. Projection Projection transforms a source to a destination beyond flattening the object model.  Without extra configuration, AutoMapper requires a flattened … Continue reading