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Testing assumptions with preconditions

While driving design with unit tests, I often break behaviors out into separate classes, both to increase cohesion, and as a side effect, increase testability.  Occasionally, I run into situations where I have some sort of environmental variable that never … Continue reading 


Unit Testing [Serializable]

A common struggle with unit testing is figuring when to just assume somebody else’s code works. One such example is serializability: for simple classes, it should “just work” so we shouldn’t need to write a unit test for each of … Continue reading 

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Review: Pragmatic Unit Testing In C# with NUnit (2nd Edition)

I’ve written hundreds of tests, read dozens of articles and listened to several presentations on unit testing, but until recently had never actually read a book dedicated to the subject. In reviewing my options, I was told repeatedly that I … Continue reading 

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Debug It!

If there’s one thing I like about programming computers, it’s the ability to tell a machine exactly what to do. –insert Skynet reference here– With that said, I wanted to learn some more tips, tricks and techniques to figure out … Continue reading 

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Working With Assertions Made on Arguments in Rhino Mocks

  Today when modifying what we call an “order notifier” (essentially observers that are notified when an order is placed), I was having trouble figuring out why my test was failing. The project is written in C# and this test … Continue reading 

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Why is CruiseControl.Net Hiding My Test Results?

Some time ago, I noticed a CruiseControl.Net build report with thousands of unit tests passed, zero failed and a dozen or so skipped, suddenly showing that no tests were run: I immediately thought somebody did something really bad. After some … Continue reading 

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How I Approach a Defect

Lately I’ve been tracking some of the steps I go through in a given day or week. I was fixing a bug the other day when I decided that I should write down all the mental notes I refer to … Continue reading 

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HTTP Error Codes in WatiN 1.3

One of the biggest surprises when I started working with WatiN was the omission of a mechanism to check for error conditions. A partial solution using a subclass has been posted before, but it doesn’t quite cover all the bases. … Continue reading 

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UI Automation tools snake oil?

Michael Feathers posted a thoughtful piece describing the general problems of UI testing tools and the industry in general.  In general, I’d agree here.  Automation tool vendors, as with almost every tool vendor out there, are eager to solve perceived … Continue reading 


How We Do Things – Testing Part 2

This content comes solely from my experience, study, and a lot of trial and error (mostly error). I make no claims stating that which works for me will work for you. As with all things, your mileage may vary, and … Continue reading 

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