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Expected Objects Custom Comparisons

ExpectedObjects is a testing library I developed a few years ago to facilitate using the Expected Objects pattern within my specifications to avoid obscure tests.  You can find the original introduction to the library here. As of version 1.1.0, the … Continue reading 


Investing in your tests–A lesson in object composition

“Invest in your tests”. I say it all the time and it just never seems to carry the weight that I want it to. This bothers me. It bothers me so much that it’s generally in the back of my … Continue reading 

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Lessons from refactoring two year old code

About two years ago I took my first swing at FubuValidation and FubuMVC.Validation. Jeremy and I have been playing chicken on a cleanup of both of them for a long time now. Thankfully, two years later, I finally found the … Continue reading 

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A lesson in automated testing via SlickGrid

Overview Some time ago I became absolutely obsessed with testing – automated testing to be more specific. While I mostly blame Jeremy Miller for drilling the concepts and values into my skull, I’ve recently started wondering what changed in me. … Continue reading 

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Some foundational ideas for automated testing

Let’s get the blanket statement out of the way, shall we? Automated testing is hard We have all sorts of strategies and patterns that are well-known and used every day for unit testing and integration testing. We all have differing … Continue reading 

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How To Produce Bug-Free Software

Many are resigned to the fact that all software is destined to contain some “bugs”, but did you know it’s possible (and arguably pretty easy) to always produce “bug-free” software?  In this article, I’ll explain how. Terms To begin, let’s … Continue reading 


Effective Tests: Acceptance Tests

In the last installment of our series, we discussed the topic of Context Obscurity along with strategies for avoiding the creation of obscure tests. As the final topic of this series, we’ll take an introductory look at the practice of … Continue reading 

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Effective Tests: Avoiding Context Obscurity

In the last installment of our series, we looked at the Expected Object pattern as a way to reduce code duplication, eliminate the need to add test-specific equality concerns to production code and to aid in clarifying the intent of … Continue reading 


Introducing the Expected Objects Library

Introduced in the Effective Test Series, the Expected Object pattern is a technique involving the encapsulation of test-specific logic within a specialized type designed to compare its configured state against that of another object. Use of the Expected Object pattern … Continue reading 


Effective Tests: Expected Objects

In the last installment of the Effective Tests series, the topic of Custom Assertions was presented as a strategy for helping to clarify the intent of our tests. This time we’ll take a look at another test pattern for improving … Continue reading