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Effective Tests: A Test-First Example – Part 1

The last installment of our series introduced Test-First Programming and briefly discussed its refinements: Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven Development.  This time, we’ll dive into a simple Test First example using the principles of Test-Driven Development along with some of the … Continue reading 


Effective Tests: Test First

In the last installment of our series, I presented a simple example of a traditional unit test.  In this article, we’ll discuss a completely different way to use unit tests: Test First Programming. Test-First Programming In the book Extreme Programming … Continue reading 

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Effective Tests: A Unit Test Example

In the introduction to our series, I introduced some common types of automated tests: Unit Tests, Integration Tests, and Acceptance Tests.  In this article, we’ll take a look at a traditional approach to unit testing and discuss a few practices … Continue reading 

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Effective Tests: Introduction

This is the first installment of a series discussing  topics surrounding effective automated testing.  Automated testing can be instrumental to both the short and long-term success of a project.  Unfortunately, it is too often overlooked due to either a lack … Continue reading