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Creating an Ubuntu developer VM on Hyper-V – Part 3

Introduction In the previous two posts (here and here) I first prepared a new Ubuntu 14.x VM running hosted in Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Then I installed all the necessary tools and libraries to start developing Web applications using … Continue reading 

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Observations on the Play! framework

Java stacks certainly are tall. You have your web server, your application server, servlet container, an IoC container, JPA, JAAS, JAX-RS, and that’s before you actually write any code. The Play! framework seems set to change all that. It throws … Continue reading 

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Java IoC containers and classpath scanning (or what I’ve been looking for from .NET for months)

Frustrated with the typical way I saw IoC used in Java where every example I found involved thousands of lines of XML and/or Java code to configure Java beans or components.  This is very different than IoC typically used in … Continue reading 


Project Management in Java: A Confused .NET Developer’s Perspective

When I was first introduced to workplace Java the amount of ways one could define a project appeared to be restrictive, confusing and a point of frequent friction. While those things may all be true, it’s a great deal better … Continue reading 


Anonymous Types In C# Are A Crippled Hack

I’ve been learning a bit of Java recently, reading Unlocking Android and playing with the Android SDK to try and learn how to write apps for my Droid. I have known, intellectually, about some of the key differences between .NET … Continue reading 


Awesome Code Analysis Plugin for Java

I was browsing the plugins available for Intellij and came across this gem: Hats off to University of Maryland for this nifty little tool (does not require Intellij).  Findbugs does static analysis of your projects and identifies patterns for … Continue reading 

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Seeking Closures

So, what’s a closure and why should I care? As Bob Dylan said, “…the times they are a changin’.”   The strange world of functional programming, once restricted to more esoteric languages such as LISP, Erlang and Haskell, is now invading … Continue reading 

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Note on sets in hibernate/nHibernate

I just wanted to share this with anyone who is not aware… Caveat:  After reviewing my original post and the comments that follow I had initially elected to change the container tag in the example below from set to list.  … Continue reading 

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Nested classes with JUnit

Recently I was playing with JUnit 4.X.  I wanted to be able to define tests in nested classes as I had before with NUnit.  This was to facilitate BDD-ish test definitions, where I break up unit tests by test context. … Continue reading 

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JUnit 4 TestSuite Declaration

This is mainly for my own reference but if it helps people out there great!  The documentation on this aspect of JUnit is very poor. package agalliao.wealthManagment.domain;import org.junit.runner.RunWith;import org.junit.runners.Suite; @RunWith(Suite.class)@Suite.SuiteClasses({ investmentTests.class, catalogTests.class, markerTests.class })public class AllTests { // why on … Continue reading