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Getting plugged into Ruby

Brad Mead asked a question on my previous post about my favorite community hang outs, lists, sites, etc. Instead of posting a long comment reply, I decided to turn it into a post of its own. If you don’t like … Continue reading 



For a long time now I’ve been known as “joeyDotNet”. Of course I’ll never make the mistake tying my name to a particular technology like that again. Especially given some of the recent changes I’ve made in my career. For … Continue reading 


Health, Accountability and Technology

Anyone that’s been following me on twitter (or for the few of you left, facebook) for the last month has probably seen my status updates talking about jogging so many miles, etc etc. Some of you are probably annoyed by … Continue reading 


My #LSSC10 Presentation And Experience: “Assumptions Are Risks We Have Accepted”

During the 2nd day’s keynote speech at the Lean Software & Systems Conference (#LSSC10), Bob Charette had the title quote of this post in his slides and his speech. There’s no better way to learn a principle like this than … Continue reading 


Lean Software & Systems Conference 2010 (#LSSC10) Review

Last week I attended (and presented at) the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta and it was well worth the trip! Everything from the keynote speakers to the individual sessions, from the hotel accommodations to the conference rooms, was … Continue reading 


All Solved Problems Are Easy

I wanted to post a witty retort to something I saw on a website today. I wanted to write about how the people experiencing a particular problem were just doing it wrong and explain how simple this thing really was … Continue reading 


MVC Virtual Group will have Phil Haack the ASP.Net MVC Program Manager, on Wed 4/7 12pm CDT

  I am excited to have Phil Haack present to the Community For MVC virtual Usergroup. He is going to be presenting on the MVC 2 features.  Now that it has been released, I hope anyone using MVC 1 gets … Continue reading 

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LosTechies Welcomes Derek Greer!

A former coworker and good friend of mine, Derek Greer, has joined up with the LosTechies crew. He previously lived and worked in the Austin, TX area where I had the good fortune to meet him and hire him on … Continue reading 

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I Want Assert.NotYetImplemented(); In .NET Test Frameworks

One of my coworkers recently tweeted this: I do that a lot with c# and nunit. It helps me to figure out where I need to go, what tests are going to be organized where, etc. I certainly don’t expect … Continue reading 


Redgate is a Platinum Sponsor of Austin Code Camp 2010

  Red Gate Software makes ingeniously simple tools for over 500,000 Microsoft technology professionals working with SQL Server, .NET, and Exchange Server.  The company’s product line includes must-have tools for .NET developers who program in C# or VB.NET. Download your … Continue reading 

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