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Last week, we saw how the Fixie test framework deals with test method parameters. Your custom convention calls a Parameters(…) hook, supplying an explanation of where parameters should come from and how many times the test method should be called. … Continue reading 

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What’s in a Name?

In my last post, we saw how Fixie lets you define conventions for parameterized tests. My goal was to provide a way for convention authors to tell Fixie what inputs should be passed into any given test method, allowing for … Continue reading 

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A Swiss Army Katana

Before now, test methods for the Fixie test framework had to have zero parameters. If your test method had a parameter, it would fail without being called. Fixie would have no idea what values to pass in. As of Fixie … Continue reading 

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Test Execution Order

In a perfect world, the order of execution of your tests shouldn’t matter. If each test is isolated and makes no unfair assumptions about the state under test, they’ll behave the same no matter the order. In reality, we’re all … Continue reading 

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Shufflin’ Ain’t Sortin’

I recently added a test-shuffling feature to the Fixie test framework. The basic idea is that you can opt into randomizing the order of execution for tests within a test class. I’ll cover the details of the test shuffling feature … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 2013

At today’s Austin Code Camp, I gave a talk titled, “Fixie: a Test Framework for the Discerning Control Freak”. It covered the motivation behind Fixie as well as a series of customization examples. All of the examples are based on … Continue reading 

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Tiny Nudges in the General Direction of Success

Yesterday, I described a leaky abstraction in the Fixie test framework. I introduced a complex and viral solution to a simple and localized problem. Eventually, it caused a bug: consumers who customized Fixie in just the right way could experience … Continue reading 

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The Leakiest Abstraction

Centuries from now, when archaeologists are digging through the rubble patch located over the former home of the GitHub servers, they will recover a copy of Fixie’s repository. Inspecting its history, an unfortunate soul will discover a particularly horrible abstraction. … Continue reading 

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No, Seriously. Don’t Repeat Yourself.

A few weeks back, while writing about Fixie’s treatment of command line arguments, I discovered a bug which had been lurking for months. This bug was easy to trigger and produced a useless error message, making for a lame first … Continue reading 

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Fixie’s Elevator Pitch

I’ve been developing a .NET test framework, Fixie, over the last few months, documenting my progress each week on my old blog. The relevant posts are reachable via the Fixie github page. For my inaugural Los Techies post, I thought … Continue reading 

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