HuBoard has been acquired

Who bought it?

Technically, I did. I am no longer operating under my own name. As of yesterday, I’ve created a limited liability company called Huboard LLC.

What does this mean for huboard?

Not very much is going to change in the short term, but you can expect some big changes in the near future. I started developing huboard almost two years ago. It started out as an internal tool for our GitHub usage at Dovetail. After a lot of convincing from my friends and colleagues, I stuck the code out on GitHub and then pushed a free version out to heroku. Huboard started out pretty ugly but it got a facelift and a bunch of new features.

Major changes coming:

  • Private repository access will longer be available for free. (Details and pricing coming soon)

Why are you doing this now?


The GitHub api is amazing and it was challenging to create a project management tool without the use of a database. Right now you can deploy huboard onto heroku and happily host your own instance for free, that is awesome! But I have pushed the GitHub api to limit, and now users are asking for features that I can’t deliver without a datastore and a datastore costs money.


The recent emergence on has lit fire under my belly, to take huboard to the next level. Right now they only allow public repository access, but it appears the they have plans in the works to charge money for private access. I’m looking forward to having a competitor, someone to push off of and grow with.

you stole my waffle, prepare to die

What does this mean for you (users of huboard)?

Huboard is going to get better

Steady subscription income will allow me to add so many great things that huboard desperately needs, ie; faster response time, more security, and a better user experience.

More features

  • File attachment to issues
  • Project overview, see the state of multiple boards from a high level
  • Metrics, lead times, audit history (mmm graphs!)
  • Enterprise support
  • Boards per team

Where can I find more information?

I will be creating a product blog in the near future where I plan to blog about business related topics and all of the challenges that I will surely encounter trying to turn my hobby into a business.

Thank you for you continued support.

As always you can reach me on twitter @huboard or @rauhryan. I look forward to your feedback.

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    • Mike Murray

      “It’s spelled AGPL, but the middle finger is silent.” :)

      • ferventcoder

        Ouch. I lulled on that. :)

    • techpines


      Good to have an LLC in case you accidentally hose somebodies github repo :)

      Also, please beat up on those guys!

    • yepi 6

      I think it will still be good

    • yepi 8

      with me, just good management

    • Torkil Johnsen

      So how is development on Huboard progressing? Quiet on the commit front, or still going strong? No releases in the past 9 months. :-/

      • Torkil Johnsen

        Thanks for the tip on btw :P

    • flappy bird

      So glad I came across this. Great resources for where I’m at with learning Ember. Thanks, Ryan!

    • Frivchannel

      I place articles unhappy

    • Kate Pincott

      Aghh! Why did you mention Waffle!! Not another one to check! I was really happy with Huboard.
      I have tested Leankit, Kanbantool,, then Huboard and now I simply HAVE to compare you to Waffle otherwise it isn’t a fair enquiry. Hopefully you come out better : ) Which platform has improved the most a year since this was posted?

    • gazo

      Congratulations for the work and wish you luck and success. Thanks for sharing all this with us.