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My name is Ryan Rauh and I like shiny things. If I've seen it on twitter more the twice most likely I've looked at it or tried it. I really like memes and other silly and seemingly useless things out on the internet. I blog about things *I* think are cool and interesting, I hope you will find them cool and interesting too.

The *nix Rube Goldberg machine – shift

Learn your shell! If you have been following along, I love bash and use it all the TIME! I’ll go as far as to say its the greatest thing I’ve learned in my entire career. In my last bash post … Continue reading 

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Huboard – New feature overview

Huboard! I’ve been working one a few new features in my side project huboard and they are pretty awesome. Since the start I’ve always prioritized features by what adds the most value to github issues. That means features github already … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg machine – functions!

Learn your shell! So a couple weeks ago I finally decided to learn how to use bash functions. I knew they existed but I decided to ignore them for the longest time. Often times you find yourself typing the same … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine – .bat;.cmd done better

Learn your shell! My primary work machine is Ubuntu *happy face* but my day to day work is in a windows VM *sad face* Our project uses a lot of nugets packages and some of those nugets bring in command … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine – for f in awesome

Learn your shell! I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn what every shell program you prefer. cmd, bash, zsh, powershell, doesn’t matter pick one and learn it! There is endless productivity and general sanity to be gained … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine – find/grep/vim

Learn your shell! Piping grep into grep I was spelunking my .bash_history and came across this little piece of awesome. ~/lecode> find source/ -type f | grep -v ” ” | xargs grep this\.Asset.* | grep dovetail | grep -v … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine

Learn your shell! Last time I posted a quick intro into basic shell programming. “Bash isn’t programming, its scripting…” “Shut up troll, its programming” This time I’d like to quickly explain loops. I’ll give you a quick example of how … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine!

Learn your shell! Since I’ve started at Dovetail in June the best tool I’ve sharpened is my command line skills. My first week at Dovetail we got a surprise visit from @bob_pace and while pairing with him I was amazed … Continue reading 

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Huboard – Github issues made awesome

Meet Huboard ! Huboard is a kanban style drag and drop task board built entirely on top of the github api. How to get started Its easy. Go to any of your github repositories and add issues as you normally … Continue reading 

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circlejerk To kneel in a circle with others and pleasure oneself. Also refers to a pompous, self-congratulatory discussion where little to no progress is made. 1. “I just walked in on a circlejerk yesterday; it was terrible!” 2. “Did you … Continue reading 

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