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Using Syntax to Model the Domain

I’m fascinated by the small syntactic decisions that bring code closer to representing the business domain. Never mind the class inheritance examples from text books (“Dog IS-A Pet,” which has nearly never been relevant), I mean using properties, methods, and … Continue reading 

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Using a Command Execution Style Architecture with a Domain Model

Kyle Baley has an interesting article about how he’s using commands to break up the logic of his application into small manageable pieces. I’m using the same command processor pattern for a project I’ve working on as well.  It’s a … Continue reading 

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Implementing Domain Queries

My current Repository interface looks something like this: public interface IRepository { T FindOne<T>(int id); T FindBy<T>(Expression<Func<T, bool>> expression); IEnumerable<T> FindAllBy<T>(Expression<Func<T, bool>> expression); IEnumerable<T> FindAll<T>(); T FindOneBy<T>(Expression<Func<T, bool>> expression); void Save<T>(T target); void Update<T>(T target); void SaveOrUpdate<T>(T target); void Delete<T>(T … Continue reading 

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Well-constructed != Over-architected

Let’s imagine for a moment that we’re building a dog house for our beloved family pet. We want it to protect Rover from the elements, be a comfortable place for him to escape the sun and relax, and in general, … Continue reading 

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Inconvenient Accessibility Makes Self-Documenting Code

Intentional use of access modifiers (public, private, etc.) is like a clear memo to your team. This came up during Steve Bohlen‘s Virtual Alt.Net talk on domain-driven design. Steve explained the distinction between Entity objects, which have a unique identity … Continue reading 

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P&P Guidance – Positive Progress

I put up a post a while back about the P&P REST guidance which I considered to be quite flawed. The reaction from the P&P team was superb and Greg Young, Sebastien Lambla and myself immediately got involved in an … Continue reading 

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DDD – Making meaningful relationships

A recent discussion on the DDD forum made me want to post about what I consider to be an under-appreciated aspect of domain modelling, namely relationships. In the thread Randy Stafford said the following: Note that RoleRegistration is an example … Continue reading 

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Organizing Namespaces with DDD

About a week ago I posted a message to the Yahoo DDD group to see how other people were organizing their namespaces in their Domain Model. For the most part everyone had the same basic idea. You can read the … Continue reading 

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