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Opinionated Input Builders – Part 7 More on Performance / Take 2.

Part 1 – Overview Part 2 – the Label Part 3 – the Source Code Part 4 – the Partial View Part 5 – the Required Field Indicator  Part 6 – the Performance Part 7 – the Performance Take 2 … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET 400 Bad Request with restricted characters

Today I had to hunt down a reported defect that said our advanced search functionality was returning a Bad Request error. On initial inspection, I was unable to reproduce the issue. After talking to our product manager, I learned that … Continue reading 

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But don’t worry, WebForms is not going away…

I got a kick out of Jeremy’s eye poke at the ASP.NET WebForms “simpler” approach to web development. In the same spirit, remember how convoluted it was to call simple JSON services from WebForms? Well, my friend and former colleague … Continue reading 

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I will be presenting An Afternoon of Asp.Net MVC with Headspring Systems – February 19th in Austin

  I will be presenting and teaching on the Asp.Net MVC framework on February 19th 1:00 pm – 4:30pm at the Microsoft Office in Austin. The following topics will be covered: What is MVC Routing Testing View Engines Controller Factory … Continue reading 


If you are developing on Asp.Net MVC and your are not using MvcContrib….. What is wrong with you?

  I just went through some stats from the MvcContrib project and I saw that we have had over 26k downloads.  That makes me so happy to know that it is being used and it is filling a gap that … Continue reading 

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Model Driven template/scaffolding addin for Visual Studio

  After playing around with the T4 templates in the Asp.Net MVC release, I wanted to test out what a more complete solution would look like.  Here are some screen shots and mock ups to demonstrate what the tooling experience … Continue reading 

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Trying to extend the Asp.Net MVC (T4) item templates to create multiple files.

  One of the features I was really excited about for the MVC RC was the template/Model based scaffolding support in the Add View and Add Controller menu options inside of visual studio.  I think that they have made a … Continue reading 

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Warning: Using the IDataErrorInfo feature in an MVC application should be considered a Worst Practice.

I wanted to comment on the use of IDataErrorInfo in the Asp.Net Mvc Release Candidate.   Take a look at a sample that David Hayden put together to demonstrate how to  use this feature. [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult Create(FormCollection form) { var customer … Continue reading 

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Look Ma, No Code-Behind!

I’ve been playing with some MVC-related stuff and one of the things I took a second to look at was not having to have a code behind in order to do the whole ViewPage<MODEL> business. I came up with this: … Continue reading 

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KaizenConf, MVC, and Internal DSLs, OH MY!

First of all, KaizenConf ended up turning out really well. Thank you Scott Bellware, David Laribee, and others involved in its organization. Also, thank you Doc List and the various sponsors who also had a big hand in its success. … Continue reading 

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