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A Less Ugly Switch Statement For C#

I know switch statements are considered “evil” because they are very procedural code, they violate the Open-Closed Principle, etc etc. But every now and then I don’t see a need to do anything more than a switch statement because the … Continue reading 

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A DSL For Handling Zero, One, Many

All this talk about refactoring to clean up code and monads to create pipelines has put me on a code composition kick… I wrote this code today: 1: private AddAssetResult HandleAssetFamily(SortContainer container, SystemAsset systemAsset) 2: { 3: AddAssetResult result = … Continue reading 

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Monads in C#: Which Part Is The Monad?

In my previous post on refactoring some code, several people responded in the comments and via twitter that I should look at the Maybe<T> monad as an option. Now, I have to be honest… the potty-humor-teenager in me wants to … Continue reading 

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A Refactoring: Explicit Modeling And Reducing Duplication

A coworker showed me a method that had a series of guard clauses at the top and a series of sequential steps that had to be processed after that. All of the guard clauses and sequential steps were executed the … Continue reading 

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Domain Models, Dependencies And Fighting Anemia

For a long time now, I’ve been in the camp that says you shouldn’t have domain entities take dependencies… but at this point I’m having a hard time remembering why. I’m sure I could dig up my old notes and … Continue reading 


A question for Rubyists

I was checking out this post from Derick Bailey today, and something struck me rather odd.  Not the “DI only enables testability” argument, but the ruby code: class Foo    def bar     baz =     baz.do_something   end end I’ve been very … Continue reading 


A Few Thoughts On IoC, An Idea For A different Type Of Container, And A Lot Of Questions

With all the comments on my previous post, there actually is a lot of great insight to be had. I’ve picked up on a few underlying themes and several of the commenters were able to cut through the cruft of … Continue reading 


Design And Testability

In the line of business applications that I build, it’s considered good practice to use a test-first approach; Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, or whatever you want to call it. Write a test, verify that it fails for the right reasons, … Continue reading 

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Serving Images from an Image Controller

Found this solution rather simple when you want to serve images from your database. public class ImageController { readonly IImageQueries Queries; public ImageController(IImageQueries queries) { Queries = queries; } public FileResult Show(int id) { DateTime? dateCreated = Queries.GetDateCreatedById(id); //invalid image, … Continue reading 

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Dynamic View Page, MVC without a View Model

Hello fellow techies on this roller coaster called life. It has been a while since my last post, I have been focusing on some other more important aspects of my life. What I want to talk about in this post … Continue reading