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Bulk Delete Queues in AWS

This is a post to myself. Due to a faulty application we have a lot of dead queues in AWS SQS. To get rid of them I wrote the following script that I executed in a container that has the … Continue reading 

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Cloud Academy oh my

I have had some time off lately and have been filling that time immersing myself in all things Amazon Web Services related. ¬†I was thinking that I might go for their cloud architect certifications…why not! I looked at some of … Continue reading 

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Why WordPress Sucks, and what you can do about it

While great as a CMS, wordpress really sucks as your forward facing production environment. After one week in production with our redesigned wordpress site, we had already racked up 8 hours of downtime due to database failures. Also, we’re paying … Continue reading 

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HTML5 Video: Transcoding with Node.js and AWS

I recently worked on a video project, and I had a chance to use the relatively new AWS Elastic Transcoder with Node.js. ¬†Along the way, I learned a lot about video on the web, and I thought I’d share some … Continue reading 

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