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I don’t trust me

Where I’m Coming From I’ve learned that, in general, I can’t trust humans’ judgement, knowledge, or experience when working on software  projects, among other things. I’m not saying that humans are bad, I’m just saying that humans are creatures and … Continue reading 

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Austin TDD CodingDojo Full!

We actually didn’t get the form shut down in time and a few overflow’s slipped in, so it’s gonna be a little cramped.  I’m betting that a few people will be no-shows (stuff comes up, hey, what can you do, … Continue reading 

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101 Great Computer Programming Quotes

(Found via DotNetKicks — please kick it there, don’t kick this post) Link: http://www.devtopics.com/101-great-computer-programming-quotes/ Some of my faves: “There are only two industries that refer to their customers as ‘users’.”(Edward Tufte) “Programmers are in a race with the Universe to … Continue reading 

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The truth which makes waterfall advocates go blind

Frans Bouma recently posted a post to his blog pointing out some of his frustration with the various ALT.NET communities (specifically mailing lists).   As I understand it, his primary argument was that there wasn’t much academic thinking and citations behind … Continue reading 

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What would an Apple gaming console look like?

While pondering my navel, it occurred to me that there is a potential GUI-heavy lickable touchable poke-able consumer electronic device that Apple has not yet touched: Gaming Consoles. What would an Apple iGameStation look like?  What would the iController and … Continue reading 

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Austin TDD CodingDojo Signup

The details of the Austin TDD CodingDojo event have been finalized and the sign up form is now online. Signup (opens in new window): http://austintddcodingdojo.wufoo.com/forms/austin-tdd-codingdojo-signup/ Details: Who You! We hope to have a good mix of experts and novices and … Continue reading 

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A Challenge to Microsoft, Scott Guthrie

After reading Ayende’s latest post, and having run into few myself just this weekend (see System.Data.SqlClient.MetaType), I’d like to challenge Microsoft’s .NET efforts, and particularly Scott Guthrie’s group (since I have the most hope of them actually accomplishing this), to … Continue reading 

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Working with ActiveRecord model classes outside of the Rails environment

I had a task yesterday that involved me wanting to dump some information about a Rails ActiveRecord class I had (don’t ask, it’s a long story). I wanted to access my AR class from outside the Rails web environment (i.e. … Continue reading 

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What I do (with spoilers)

Joe Ocampo (a.k.a. AgileJoe, not to be mistaken for his evil cousin, WaterfallJoe) has tagged me for a What I do post. I waited a bit because my situation has recently changed and I wanted to cover the new news … Continue reading 

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Announcing an Austin TDD Randori/CodingDojo Session

Ray Houston and I will be hosting/facilitating a CodingDojo-style, Randori-style TDD session in early February here in Austin, TX. (EDIT: Shoot, I forgot to mention that this idea came from David Laribee and Scott Bellware (no linkage currently available). I’d … Continue reading 

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