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Agile Arguments, Part 3: Arguments from Time and Money

    In this part 3 of my Agile Arguments series, I’d like to tackle the very common question — whenever the word ‘agile’ is mentioned among people who have budgetary control of some sort — that goes something like, ‘With … Continue reading 

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Virtues of On Demand Design

Process Virtues Quality First and Easy Quality must be the first and primary virtue of any software development effort. You can deliver 100% of the features 3 months ahead of schedule, but if the quality isn’t there people will only … Continue reading 

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Real Rapid Development

     From my experience, which is admittedly tainted with many bad RAD experiences, the term ‘RAD’ or ‘Rapid Application Development’ has come to mean ‘Bang on the keyboard and mouse as absolutely fast as possible to get through all the … Continue reading 

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The Problem Preventer

Problem Statement     I’m thinking about putting ‘Problem Preventer‘ on my resume. Many of the folks I’m talking with in interviews and phone screens don’t seem to get this at all.  I get a lot of questions about problems solved, … Continue reading 

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Two random thoughts

1 – Support open source in the .NET realm. Ray Houston posted about this. We helped prod Hammet into putting up a donate link for the Castle Project.  I suggest investing $25, $50, or $100.  I say ‘investing’ because it’s … Continue reading 

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Move to Austin

That’s it. Just do it. Yes, I know… I understand… Stop thinking about excuses for no and start thinking about reasons for Yes.  It’s a really cool place. There is hip happening stuff going in the .NET, Java, Ruby, and … Continue reading 

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Remote Pairing and Screencasting

I’m starting to question the value of blogging as a way of rallying community efforts.  I’m inclined to focus more on article-style blogging vs. conversational-style blogging and moving the conversation to Skype+VNC and recording the interactions and minimally producing screencasts … Continue reading 

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Engaging Microsoft

Many Microsoft employees were at the ALT.NET conf in Seattle — including many of the ones that have been criticized publicly by the greater ALT.NET community. Not only was Microsoft there, but they were a sponsor and a few employees … Continue reading 

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Dear JetBrains, RE: Resharper 4 EAP Nightlies

Dear JetBrains, Thank you for putting it all on the line and having the stones to do public nightly builds as part of your ReSharper 4.0 EAP.  It takes a lot to hang it all out there like that and … Continue reading 

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Agile Arguments, Part 2 – Background, and Arguments from Fear

In this second part to my ongoing Agile Arguments series, I want to go into a little background and cover a little bit about (what I think) Agile is about and it’s purpose and values. I’d like to also talk … Continue reading 

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