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Introducing Quality-first Notions Into an Existing Team

In a recent discussion on the altdotnet mailing list, a question was raised: How to you start introducing TDD into an existing team?  Bill Barry had some good thoughts on how the process might work, I suggest you check out … Continue reading 

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Ruminations on Self-examination

First, let me apologize for not sticking to my self-imposed regimen of only meat-posts for the next few months, but I was smacked in the face by these tonight and wanted to share them with you.  Second, I don’t proclaim … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Podcast EP2 on Microsoft

The altnetpodcast crew released the second part of the discussion that Mike Moore, Jeremy Miller, David Laribee, and I had about ALT.NET, continuous improvement, and the relationship between Microsoft and the .NET community at large. Please check it out and … Continue reading 

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TIP: Check if a web site is down + cool FireFox hack

I was having problems connecting to a web site and I managed to stumble into a web site via Google to check to see if a web site is really down or not (get a second opinion) and I found … Continue reading 

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Austin .NET Code Camp ’08 == Awesome

Yesterday a bunch of .NET geeks descended upon Austin for the ’08 Code Camp and it was a great success. From what I heard, about ~200 folks showed up. We had sessions all day and all of them were meaty, … Continue reading 

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Ping-pong Pairing Session Screencast with Ben Scheirman

Well, it’s two-fer Tuesday here at Los Techies, I guess!  By pure coincidence, Ben Scheirman wrapped up the post-production of a screencast we did a few weeks ago. Ben Scheirman just recently posted on his blog about it. Ben did … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Podcast on Continuous Improvement

Mike Moore recently put together a podcast about ALT.NET and Continuous Improvement featuring Jeremy Miller, David Laribee, and, in order to make the other guys sound smarter, me. Please check it out and let us all know what you think! … Continue reading 

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OT: You Can Save Lives

I debated about posting this on a technical blog and abusing the relationship with my subscribers, but I believe that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Lives are stake, people are suffering, and many of YOU can help. I hope you … Continue reading 

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NAnt script for determining whether an assembly is registered in the GAC

A friend of mine, Kevin Miller, recently put out a public call for anyone who had some NAnt magic for detecting whether a given assembly is in the GAC or not. I had written something like this a year or … Continue reading 

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Tying up loose ends

Blogging Stuff Just in case anyone was following/caring, I had started a few multi-part series posts that kind of fizzled out and I felt I owed the 3 of you who cared an explanation: Agile Arguments: No one seemed to … Continue reading 

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