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Example of Removing Some Pain: Grid Fluent API

So on a previous project, we were making use a 3rd party WinForms UberGrid which, of course has a monstrous designer that spits out tons of code into your InitializeComponent() method in your .designer file. I think you know what … Continue reading 

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In the ORM Battle, Everyone Loses.

As Ted Neward aptly pointed out in his post: ORM is the Vietnam of Computer Science(credit to Justin Etheredge for reminding me of this).  You need to do it, but there’s no real good end solution here. RDBMS do what … Continue reading 

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Two things worth noting today

1.) [Serious] Rob Conery (of SubSonic fame, and oh yeah I think he works at Microsoft or something, too :)) has posted his FIFTEENTH screencast in his series on building an e-ecommerce app using ASP.NET MVC and exploring and learning … Continue reading 

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How did I get started in software development?

Jason Meridth tagged me with this meme, so I’ll play along if anyone cares. How old were you when you started programming? I remember being 6 or 7 years old helping my brother open the box for our new Commodore … Continue reading 

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I’m not a real world developer

I made the mistake recently of reading some of the responses to the ‘Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence’ letter which I’m sure you’ve heard about already.  Granted, I haven’t read them all, but so far only one has been … Continue reading 

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Hosting an entire ASP.NET MVC request for testing purposes

We’ve been playing around a lot with the ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 at Dovetail and trying to find various ways to test at various levels.  One of the levels we were toying with was doing an end-to-end test including URL … Continue reading 

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Neat Tricks with StructureMap

I’ve been getting a crash course in StructureMap the past 2 weeks. It’s been going pretty well especially when you consider that the author/maintainer sits next to me every day :) We’ve been using the new 2.5-ish trunk code and … Continue reading 

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Some Consulting Wisdom I Picked Up

I did a consulting gig for a few years at a very large government institution and I picked up some wisdom about how to best serve the customer (even sometimes in spite of themselves), how to remain sane, and how … Continue reading 

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More on Quality

I started typing a comment to John Teague’s post about Creating a Culture of Quality, but it got a little long so I decided to make it a post. If you would be so kind, please read John’s post first … Continue reading 

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Why Microsoft Won’t/Can’t/Shouldn’t Lead

That’s a rather sensationalistic headline, I admit, but it’s true and here’s why: Any sufficiently large service-based organization is a pure reflection upon its constituency. That is, any sub-optimization, moral bankruptcy, intellectual dishonesty, etc — either perceived or real — … Continue reading 

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