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StructureMap: Interlude

I’m trying to wrap up the “StructureMap: Advanced Scenarios Usage” post. In the meantime, I wanted to make you aware of a few things: I just updated my StructureMap: Basic Scenario Usage post with a correction. I was mistaken about … Continue reading 

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StructureMap: Medium-level Usage Scenarios

This is a follow-on to my previous post about basic usage scenarios for StructureMap.  This post will focus on slightly more advanced usage scenarios and how StructureMap handles them.  For those playing the home game, I’m still working on the … Continue reading 

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StructureMap: Basic Scenario Usage

First, I’m going to assume that you are somewhat already familiar with the concepts of Dependency Injection and what, in general, an Inversion of Control Container is for. If not, you may find these links helpful:   I’m … Continue reading 

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Project anti-pattern: Many projects in a Visual Studio Solution File

I’ve been hearing from several colleagues about how their Visual Studio solution files have many (i.e. more than 10, and usually more than 30 — in one case, more than 100!).  So far, none of them have been able to … Continue reading 

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StructureMap Users mailing list set up

In preparation for the upcoming 2.5 release of StructureMap, and since I can’t stand SourceForge’s mailing list and forum capabilities, I set up a mailing list via Google Groups for users of StructureMap to discuss usage, give and receive support, … Continue reading 

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Exploring ShadeTree Features, Part 2: Cache<KEY, VALUE>

Or, as I like to call it: "That stupid dictionary thing we’ve all written a thousand times but were too lazy to component-ize for reuse" How many times have you written code like this in your C# 2.0-and-later life? Foo … Continue reading 

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Exploring ShadeTree Features, Part 1: Static Reflection with ReflectionHelper

At work, Jeremy and I have been using — and contributing to — some of the code he’s put together over the past few years.  He’s created the ‘ShadeTree’ project which is currently housed in the Storyteller Project source repository. … Continue reading 

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