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ALT.NET Online Open Meeting Update for 26-NOV

I just talked with Zach Young earlier today and given the fact that Thursday is a major holiday in the U.S. (Thanksgiving), we will not be hosting an ALT.NET meeting this Wednesday night (26-NOV).  That doesn’t mean it can’t happen. … Continue reading 

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Do not test private methods

You should only be testing public methods. Private methods are an implementation detail of the object and are subject to heavy change, etc.  Any class, including test fixtures, that care about private methods on another object exhibit the “Inappropriate intimacy” … Continue reading 

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1 Year Anniversary

I’m generally not one for sentimentality, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I allowed October to come and go without any ceremony.  I figured, though, that I should give some dignity to the … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Online Open Meeting

As you may recall, last week I announced the ALT.NET Online Open Meeting.  We met last Wednesday night and had a pretty good chat about all sorts of topics.  I think at one point we had 45 people attending! The … Continue reading 

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Announcing: ALT.NET Online Open Meeting

For a few months now, Zachariah Young, various other folks, and I have been meeting online via Skype+SharedView or LiveMeeting (depending on the size of the crowd) every Wednesday night to discuss various .NET and general technology-related issues. We met … Continue reading 

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Please caption this photo

(hat tip: Tim Barcz for the idea of making this Slide #1 on all my slide decks henceforth)

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Internal DSL Workshop Videos Posted

On October 31, 2008 I gave a workshop on building Internal DSLs in C# for KaizenConf.  Fellow Los Techian John Teague was kind enough to record them and fellow Austinite Weston Binford rendered them and posted them up on Viddler. … Continue reading 

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Look Ma, No Code-Behind!

I’ve been playing with some MVC-related stuff and one of the things I took a second to look at was not having to have a code behind in order to do the whole ViewPage<MODEL> business. I came up with this: … Continue reading 

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cat Community > CHAD.PLAN

UPDATE: Wow, I’m truly humbled by the response. I expected all of about 3 comments. THANK YOU for your help here, it means more than you know.  I’ve updated the vote tallies (so far) below. I have a confession to … Continue reading 

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KaizenConf, MVC, and Internal DSLs, OH MY!

First of all, KaizenConf ended up turning out really well. Thank you Scott Bellware, David Laribee, and others involved in its organization. Also, thank you Doc List and the various sponsors who also had a big hand in its success. … Continue reading 

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