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WebForms Myths “Busted”

This is a comedy goldmine that I wanted to share with you. Remember all that stuff you hated about WebForms? Yeah, it’s really just that you don’t know what you’re doing and if you just tried harder, it’s really not … Continue reading 

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Virtual ALT.NET Group

Zach Young has gone to the trouble to set up a Google Group for VAN.  I recommend you subscribe to the list and give some feedback if you can! He’ll be posting announcements and URLs for future events. I’ll keep … Continue reading 

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How do you know your code works?

[Warning: shameless Austin plug and a bunch of  namedropping] Shortly after New Years, I was sitting outside (in a t-shirt, by the way) at an Irish Pub (or as close as we can get here in Ausitn), sipping Guinness with … Continue reading 

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VAN Tonight (14-JAN-09, 9PM CST, GMT-6)

Sorry for the late notice, things have been bonkers at work. Zach Young has the details: Subject: VAN Meeting for 1-14-08 Start Time: Wednesday, Jan 14, 2009 9:00 PM GMT-06:00 End Time: Wednesday, Jan 14, 2009 11:45 PM GMT-06:00 Attendee … Continue reading 

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A Rant on Professionalism

This is a rant. I’m stating it up front. You have been warned :)  Leave a comment if you disagree, but if it’s more than a paragraph or two, please post your response on your own blog and let us … Continue reading 

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Auto-mapping with Fluent NHibernate

James Gregory, one of the primary maintainers/developers of the Fluent NHibernate project, has posted a 4-part series on how to use the existing auto-mapping features in Fluent NHibernate. Before the links, I’d like to give a shout-out to Andrew Stewart, … Continue reading 

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VAN (Virtual ALT.NET Meeting) Wednesday Night

Subject: VAN Meeting for 1-07-09 Start Time: Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009 9:00 PM GMT-06:00 (click link for time zone conversions) End Time: Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009 11:45 PM GMT-06:00 Attendee URL:  (Live Meeting) Subject: Nothing specific.  If you have … Continue reading 

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