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Lifecycle of an open source project

I’ve had several people ask me about the state of various open source projects that I’m involved with or advocate.  They ask questions such as “Is it alpha or beta?”, “Should we start using it?”, and “Where can I get … Continue reading 

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Austin CodeCamp ‘09: Quite Possibly Better than Bacon

You should go to Austin CodeCamp ‘09. That’s a pretty sensationalistic title, I’ll give you that. I’m very serious though, Austin CodeCamp ‘09 may actually prove to be better than bacon and even — yes, I’m going all the way … Continue reading 

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I need some peer review on this

So I have a problem where I have an open type: public class ThunderdomeActionInvoker<TController, TInput, TOutput> : IControllerActionInvoker where TController : class where TInput : class, new() where TOutput : class { /*…*/ } And I need to make a … Continue reading 

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