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The Perfect Web Framework

I’ve been paid professionally to work with or have messed around with many web frameworks. To name most of them: Perl/CGI RoR a tiny bit of Django ASP.NET WebForms ASP.NET MVC FubuMVC MonoRail a tiny bit of OpenRasta (sorry Sebastian, … Continue reading 

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How to Write Unmaintainable Code

A friend showed this one to me a long time ago, and I still chuckle every time I remember a snippet or two from it. How to Write Unmaintainable Code by Roedy Green Perhaps my most favorite section is the … Continue reading 

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Going Controller-less in MVC: The Way Fowler Meant It To Be

This is sort of a stream-of-consciousness post. Several folks have been asking me what I mean by ‘Controllerless actions’ and what I’m thinking about doing in FubuMVC.  The conversation has already started publically on twitter, so I thought I’d try … Continue reading 

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On the performance of “Opinionated Builders”

I was reading Eric Hexter’s post titled “Opinionated Input Builders Part 6: Performance of the Builders” and I was going to leave a lengthy comment, but decided it would be better as its own blog post: I’m going to assume … Continue reading 

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Some quick updates

I know I’ve been remiss in my blog posting duties. Please trust me when I say it’s for good reason and that you’d understand. I appreciate you sticking with me. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits that you … Continue reading 

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