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The usual result of Poor Man’s Dependency Injection

Alternate Title: An IoC Container is a Rich Man’s Factory Pattern Implementation I ruffled some feathers with my last post on Poor Man’s Dependency Injection (PDMI), so please allow me to clarify further. The natural progression of using PMDI is … Continue reading 

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Just say no to ‘Poor Man’s Dependency Injection’.

For background, Jimmy Bogard originally posted about the ‘poor man’s dependency injection’ style used in NerdDinner. Not to single out NerdDinner, because there are lots of apps out there doing this. NerdDinner just happened to be the most recent and … Continue reading 

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VAN is a friend of Pablo’s!

In case you haven’t noticed, the VAN logo now appears in our “Friends of Pablo” section. VAN is really taking off! If you have checked out VAN (Virtual ALT.NET) before, I suggest you run, not walk, to check it out … Continue reading 

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