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FubuMVC Diagnostics

This post is about the FubuMVC framework. For more info on getting started, click the previous link, or view the Getting started wiki page. FubuMVC’s configuration model is a semantic model that is built up by an API.  This allows … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC has moved to GitHub

FYI, if you’re looking at FubuMVC, you should be advised that the new home for the FubuMVC source is now at GitHub. I have cleared the SVN /trunk and /branches/reboot repositories over at the old GoogleCode site. If you currently … Continue reading 

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Announcing FubuMVC

A Little Background UPDATE: 2012 – Fix links which have changed or expired I have been relatively quiet about FubuMVC for some time (only briefly mentioning it in passing on this blog).  It has been a project that has been … Continue reading 

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