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Share your .NET Web Frameworks experience?

Nothing like a good open-ended subjective question to get geeks riled up, right? StackOverflow post: OpenRasta vs FubuMVC vs MVC just some thoughts Though I think the “vs” in the title might be a little…provocative, I think we can keep this … Continue reading 

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Comic Sans

Can someone please make a “virus” that removes Comic Sans from PCs? The optimal vector, I think, would be through an attachment to or link contained in a “FORWARD THIS TO 10 PEOPLE OR THE BABY KITTENS ALL DIE” emails … Continue reading 

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Fusion energy, Dovetail Hiring, and other stuff

Nuclear Fusion! Today at the ATX Code Lunch (if you haven’t come yet, you’re missing out!), I was talking with some folks about the Fukushima nuclear fission reactor situation in Japan. I mentioned a fascinating Google Video I saw of … Continue reading 

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Dovetail Hiring a Junior- to Mid-level .NET Developer

(I’m sure Gary Sherman, Dovetail CTO, won’t mind if I copy his post verbatim) Dovetail is hiring a junior to mid-level .NET Developer. We’re expanding the development team on our line of existing products. You’ll be working on a small … Continue reading 

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How we do Internationalization

Reading Josh’s post on helpful Date/Time/TimeZone handling methods inspired me to write about how we deal with the complexities of internationalization and localization in our app. When we started, we set out some principles for our framework, application, and any … Continue reading 

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First ATX Code Lunch Success!

We had our first ATX Code Lunch today and we had a great turnout.  The estimates ranged from 20-22 participants. I heard lots of different discussions from employment opportunities, to side projects, to specific technologies (iOS development, Android Java Development, … Continue reading 

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Announcing: ATX Code Lunch

ATX Code Lunch (Austin, TX) What: A lunch-and-discussion event for coders (or people related to the process of coding) When: Bi-weekly (that’s every other week as opposed to semiweekly which is twice a week). The first one is Thursday,  February … Continue reading 

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Parsing a URL with a Regex

If that title didn’t strike you dead with fear, then you’ve never attempted this impossible task before. I consider it right up there with finding Shangri-la,  Atlantis,  Z, or El Dorado. Lots of ink has been spilt bytes have been … Continue reading 

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Looking for a C Developer

Sorry for the string of job-seeking related posts recently.   I figure you won’t mind since there’s a lot of people out of work now and helping people find work is a work of mercy At Dovetail, we’re looking for a … Continue reading 

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.NET Opportunity in Austin

A good friend of mine is looking for two intermediate and senior .NET developers in the Austin area (local only, no remote developers).  It’s an excellent and stable company, great benefits, and a leading-edge dev environment. Send inquiries and/or resumes … Continue reading 

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