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Austin .NET Dojo on WCF

J Sawyer, our local MS events guy, and Stephen Fulcher are hosting a .NET coding dojo here in Austin, TX on November 3rd, 2008. The topic is WCF and the format is based off a similar dojo event which was … Continue reading 

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Remote Pairing and Screencasting

I’m starting to question the value of blogging as a way of rallying community efforts.  I’m inclined to focus more on article-style blogging vs. conversational-style blogging and moving the conversation to Skype+VNC and recording the interactions and minimally producing screencasts … Continue reading 

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Austin TDD CodingDojo Homework

A few folks have been working on some of the stories and code we were talking about at the Austin TDD CodingDojo earlier this month.  Joe Ocampo, Ray Houston, and I have been discussing it and Joe even did a … Continue reading 

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The first 2 hours of TDD are the most painful

Quick Background I admit, I’ve had a lot of failures with TDD. Mostly they were solo projects and I didn’t have the discipline and self control enough to stick with it. I ALWAYS regretted not sticking with it. However poorly … Continue reading 

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Austin TDD CodingDojo Complete

On Saturday morning, February 9th, 2008, on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, 20+ geeks descended to explore what TDD was all about. Ok, it wasn’t frozen, nor tundra, nor Lambeau Field, but it was Feb. 9th and we were … Continue reading 

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