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Using Mongo And Mongoid Without Rails

In my previous post on writing a thor application, I mentioned the use of mongo db and the mongoid document mapper, and how I am using these tools outside the context of a rails application. As I mentioned in that … Continue reading 

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Storage Size And Performance Implications Of A GUID PK

I sent the same Guid vs. Int. vs BigInt question to a group of coworkers yesterday. One of the responses I got was from a DBA, and I thought was worth repeating for the world to hear. Keep in mind … Continue reading 

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In the ORM Battle, Everyone Loses.

As Ted Neward aptly pointed out in his post: ORM is the Vietnam of Computer Science(credit to Justin Etheredge for reminding me of this).  You need to do it, but there’s no real good end solution here. RDBMS do what … Continue reading 

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