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Dovetail Hiring a Junior- to Mid-level .NET Developer

(I’m sure Gary Sherman, Dovetail CTO, won’t mind if I copy his post verbatim) Dovetail is hiring a junior to mid-level .NET Developer. We’re expanding the development team on our line of existing products. You’ll be working on a small … Continue reading 

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How we do Internationalization

Reading Josh’s post on helpful Date/Time/TimeZone handling methods inspired me to write about how we deal with the complexities of internationalization and localization in our app. When we started, we set out some principles for our framework, application, and any … Continue reading 

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My other blog, and dealing with enterprise software, customizations, and upgrades

I have a few blog posts queued up that relate to the product I’m working on for my day job.  The blog posts are generally product-specific and so (I feel) aren’t appropriate for posting on this (my Los Techies) blog … Continue reading 

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Dovetail is Hiring a Junior-to-Mid-level .NET Developer

Come work for one of the most progressive development shops in the US. This is an opportunity to work with some of the leaders in the .NET/C# space including Jeremy Miller and Joshua Flanagan – both senior developers, designers, architects, … Continue reading 

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Dovetail Hiring Software Tester/Test Engineer Dovetail Hiring Senior Software Tester or Test Engineer Work for one of the most progressive software development shops in the US. We’re building a new software product line using pioneering practices and technologies, such as: WatiN Selenium StoryTeller (acceptance … Continue reading 

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