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More on Quality

I started typing a comment to John Teague’s post about Creating a Culture of Quality, but it got a little long so I decided to make it a post. If you would be so kind, please read John’s post first … Continue reading 

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The Problem Preventer

Problem Statement     I’m thinking about putting ‘Problem Preventer‘ on my resume. Many of the folks I’m talking with in interviews and phone screens don’t seem to get this at all.  I get a lot of questions about problems solved, … Continue reading 

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Two random thoughts

1 – Support open source in the .NET realm. Ray Houston posted about this. We helped prod Hammet into putting up a donate link for the Castle Project.  I suggest investing $25, $50, or $100.  I say ‘investing’ because it’s … Continue reading 


Ancient wisdom is inescapable, especially with project management

Introduction Today was my last day with my current former employer, as you may have heard from my (also now-former) coworker.  We quit on principle after having several irreconcilable differences of opinions with our management over how to manage and … Continue reading 

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