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Gregory Long Joins Los Techies

It’s been in the works for awhile, but as he just posted last night, Gregory Long has accepted an invitation to the Los Techies crew!  He’s been running another blog for quite some time with some great material. We’re very … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes new member: Joshua Flanagan

On the the freshly raw heals of our recent abduction of Scott C. Reynolds’ blogging persona, I’m pleased to announce that Joshua Flanagan has also joined our little community. Joshua is an active member in the .NET community and had … Continue reading 

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On passion

One of my favorite bloggers, JP Boodhoo, has a little saying he puts at the end of every post: Develop with passion! I’ve only met JP once, and it was quite obvious from that meeting that passion is somewhat of … Continue reading 

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Two things worth noting today

1.) [Serious] Rob Conery (of SubSonic fame, and oh yeah I think he works at Microsoft or something, too :)) has posted his FIFTEENTH screencast in his series on building an e-ecommerce app using ASP.NET MVC and exploring and learning … Continue reading 

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I’m not a real world developer

I made the mistake recently of reading some of the responses to the ‘Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence’ letter which I’m sure you’ve heard about already.  Granted, I haven’t read them all, but so far only one has been … Continue reading 


Why Microsoft Won’t/Can’t/Shouldn’t Lead

That’s a rather sensationalistic headline, I admit, but it’s true and here’s why: Any sufficiently large service-based organization is a pure reflection upon its constituency. That is, any sub-optimization, moral bankruptcy, intellectual dishonesty, etc — either perceived or real — … Continue reading 

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A New Start

Today was my first day back with Dovetail Software.  It was good to be back with a familiar crew. For those that don’t know, I used to work for Dovetail under it’s former name (First Choice Software) with Gary Sherman, … Continue reading 


Los Techies Welcomes John Teague to the group

We are happy to announce a new member joining the Los Techies group: John Teague.  John is an active member of the Austin .NET users community. He helps out with the Austin .NET User’s Group (ADNUG) including the recent Code … Continue reading 

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See you at Austin Code Camp!

This week I’ll be speaking at Austin Code Camp, a technical conference here in Austin that features in-depth code-centric sessions.  The sessions I’m doing are: Intro to C# 3.0 – covering practical and pragmatic applications of the new features of … Continue reading 

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A pointless exercise

I caught this last night from Scott Hanselman on Twitter: It’s a side-by-side comparison of the time to create a simple web app for: Ruby Perl ASP.NET Java The website compares a few other frameworks to compare which languages … Continue reading 

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