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A Response to 5 Right Reasons to Apply Kanban

Michael Dubakov has a couple of great posts over at TargetProcess on 5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban and 5 Reasons To Apply Kanban. I started to post this as a comment in response to his 5 Reasons To Apply … Continue reading 

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How To Get Started With Kanban In Software Development

There’s a lot of great talk around the inter-weber-net-o-sphere on why Kanban works in software development, how to do specific details of Kanban, how to effectively talk about it, and other such subjects. If you’re interested in a great set … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 1: Why

Several years ago, I started using source control systems to store all of my code. It was a life saver. I was no longer worried about losing changes that I had made. Then a few years ago, I found Subversion. … Continue reading 

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The Impact of Staffing Practices on Software Quality and Productivity

A Junior-Heavy Organization Companies tend to staff various teams with an experience level of employees that have a very junior heavy bias. That is, for every person with senior level experience in the organization, there tend to be multiple mid … Continue reading 

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Quality Must Be Built In – It Cannot Be Added On

Quality must be built in, it cannot be added on. … well, ok. I’ll admit that it’s not entirely true. If you don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts of money doing rework, causing projects to be late and over budget, and … Continue reading 

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More on Quality

I started typing a comment to John Teague’s post about Creating a Culture of Quality, but it got a little long so I decided to make it a post. If you would be so kind, please read John’s post first … Continue reading 

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