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Run QUnit tests under Continuous Integration with NQUnit

Almost three years ago, I wrote about Running jQuery QUnit tests under Continuous Integration. As you can imagine, a lot has changed in three years. You would now have a lot of trouble following my post if you use the … Continue reading 

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Asynchronous JavaScript Testing with QUnit

I’m implementing a feature that does some stuff when an IFRAME is finished loading.  Due to the inherent asynchronous nature of this functionality, it was hard to test.  I was trying to use QUnit, but having issues, until I found … Continue reading 

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Running jQuery QUnit tests under Continuous Integration

UPDATE: The code in this post is out of date. Read it for the explanation, but if you want to implement it, go grab NQUnit via nuget. Setup This post assumes you are already writing unit tests for your JavaScript … Continue reading 

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Getting Started With jQuery QUnit for Client-Side Javascript Testing

Setup First of all, I’m assuming you’re already using jQuery. If not, you should be :) QUnit may help you for non-jQuery testing, but it’ll work better with jQuery. Second, you should start by downloading and setting up QUnit (from … Continue reading 

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