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The last vestiges of Hungarian notation

Certain arguments seem to resurface every few years, like whether or not to use a mocking framework, and more recently on Twitter on why .NET still uses Hungarian notation in a few select cases, namely: Interfaces Generic type parameter names … Continue reading 


Flash on smartphones

I had a great chuckle in this article linked from Daring Fireball about 10 reasons why the Droid Bionic will score over the iPhone 5, and one of the reasons being the support of Flash (emphasis mine): This is a … Continue reading 


Time to retire VB.NET

Whenever I attend a MS-centric conference, you’ll most likely see that C# is the dominant language. Not by a little bit either, a lot. But VB.NET still has heavy usage in .NET, so why do conferences skew towards C#? I’m … Continue reading 


Gawker sites breaking the web

Another baffling feature of the new Gawker sites re-design is that it appears that they’ve broken the browser’s Back button. Starting at, I’ll click a link for an article: That brings up the Web 3.0 Frames magic and replaces … Continue reading 


Attack of the pseudo-frames

AKA, folks are getting a little too clever in AJAX-land.  There was a joke going around when “new twitter” launched that “old twitter” is what Steve Jobs would have designed if his engineers started with “new twitter”.  Looking at any … Continue reading 


To Thine Own Self Be True

This post is both a rant and a bit of encouragement to any aspiring developers – this will not have code. Gabriel posted a rant earlier which sparked quite a few comments including a number from a fairly frustrated individual. … Continue reading 

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The religion of dependency injection

A quick way to explain a set of differing opinions is to label it as “a religious argument”.  In a post about using MEF on NerdDinner, Scott Hanselman showed an example on using poor man’s DI versus regular DI.  Now, … Continue reading 


Quit Living in the Past – Practices Evolve

In 1846 it wasn’t a required practice for medical professionals to wash their hands or equipment when treating a patient. In 1847, Ignaz Semmelweis experimented and discovered that incidences of maternal death from Puerperal fever at Vienna General Hospital were … Continue reading 

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Smart and gets things done *right*

I suppose it’s time for the obligatory weigh-in on the latest bit o’ reckless software advice from Joel Spolsky on the merits of the “Duct Tape Programmer”. I think being a duct tape programmer is a bit like being an … Continue reading 

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Workaround is a Four-Letter Word

Today in a meeting I heard: “We can provide a workaround for you” and immediately wrote down the title of this post in my notepad. Obviously, workaround is not a four-letter word in reality, but does have nearly the same … Continue reading 

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