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A Lesson in DRY Learned with jQuery

While working on a credit card entry form I decided to add a dynamic block of XHTML to highlight the credit card that is entered by the user, while graying out others. In this code, I attempt to retrieve an … Continue reading 

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Ignoring Testing can be Explained, but Never Excused

Many individuals that practice software development will tell you the same thing; testing is vital. I’ve never worked at a place that “requires” automated testing. Any of the testing that we’ve automated was put in place as a way for … Continue reading 

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Learning StructureMap Through Tiny Goals

While I’ve been using Castle’s Windsor for a bit now, but wanted to get some StructureMap code running just to get some exposure to it; I’ve heard good things. I decided to set a simple goal and try to achieve … Continue reading 

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The Aggressive Class vs The Laid Back Class

Oftentimes it’s very beneficial to be aggressive. You can be in sales, sports, real estate, marketing,  or Hollywood and an agressive attitude will most likely pay off. I think that as developers, having an agressive, “go-get-em” demeanor helps us keep … Continue reading 

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Testing Your Code to Test Yourself

There was a time not too long ago when I was in the same company I work for today. I got my work done, I completed the tasks/projects assigned to me, I got paid and I enjoyed what I was … Continue reading 

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Fluent NHibernate’s AutoPersistenceModel

Much of this information may be out of date, please check for current information. Almost too Easy I was really excited when I learned about this piece of the Fluent NHibernate project. I’m working on a small project with … Continue reading 

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Who is this Chris Missal Guy?

Thanks again to the Los Techies guys for inviting me to blog with them. I was privileged to meet several of them at Kaizenconf in Austin, TX last fall and I couldn’t hope for a better group of talented people … Continue reading 

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