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Obvious Testing or: How I Learned to Stop Using the new keyword

Here’s a basic test; looks simple right? Well, that’s because it is. A new Order is given three different order items, each with a quantity of one. We assert (using nunit) that there are three OrderItems, then RemoveAllItems and assert … Continue reading 

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Need Help Spotting that Hard to Test Code?

I’m a big fan of Jon Lam’s Vibrant Ink Visual Studio theme. Here’s why: If you look at the syntax highlighting in the following code, you’ll see some yellow text. In this theme, or any any other theme that does … Continue reading 

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Ongoing Maintenance & Debt Reduction

I don’t like like analogies or metaphors most of the time, they’re weak logical arguments; I try to avoid them. Recently, I’ve seen many weak analogies that don’t really put things into real perspective. Comparing Star Trek to software development … Continue reading 

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