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We Remembered Not to Dive Too Deep Too Soon

While reading “Remember to not dive too deep too soon” by Derik Whittaker, I was reminded of something that happened at work today. We were going over a couple new stories in our backlog and needed to assign points to … Continue reading 

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A Different Type of R and R

I received an insert in the mail today and while it was aimed towards something much different than software development, I thought the idea was still relevant. The flyer came with my quarterly retirement savings statement and read as follows: … Continue reading 

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LosTechies welcomes Keith Dahlby

LosTechies is proud to welcome Keith Dahlby! Keith is a software consultant living in Cedar Rapids, IA working mostly in SharePoint, while playing around in all sorts of other languages like F#. Keith is very active in the local software … Continue reading 

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