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Reading Code, Spark’s Once Attribute

For those who don’t know what Spark is… Spark is an open source view engine for Castle’s MonoRail Project (version 2.0 just recently released!) and ASP.NET MVC. The creator of Spark, Louis DeJardin, came up with the project in a … Continue reading 

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SEO Tips for Developers : Site Structure

Continuing in this series of tips for improving your search engine goodness, we’re going to take a look at some tips to designing the structure of your site so that it is friendly for our robot/spider friends. Easy to Read … Continue reading 

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SEO Tips for Developers : Page Speed

I have been paying a good amount of attention to Google search engines since I started at my current job almost 3 years ago. Working on a public web site has more of a need for creating a robot friendly, … Continue reading 

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