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Unique Keys versus IDs in Web Applications

An ID is a fine way to uniquely identify an object, the common usage is also very user un-friendly. A while back I was watching a presentation by Jeffrey Palermo on Community For MVC.Net, then later at a live presentation … Continue reading 

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Unit Testing Simple ASP.NET MVC Controllers

I have created enough simple projects using ASP.NET MVC with unit tests to notice a very helpful pattern. The following is a sample of a test fixture using RhinoMocks and NUnit to test a controller. 1: [TestFixture] 2: public class … Continue reading 

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How I Approach a Defect

Lately I’ve been tracking some of the steps I go through in a given day or week. I was fixing a bug the other day when I decided that I should write down all the mental notes I refer to … Continue reading 

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