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CRUD is Not a Service

Introduction Many systems implement CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) using a repository pattern. An entity is loaded using a Get method, some business layer logic makes changes to the entity, and ultimately saved using a Put method. This exact … Continue reading 

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The Model Home

The other day I was having a discussion with my co-worker Justin and came up with an analogy I rather like. I was working on three similar, but slightly different features and first decided to build the foundation for all … Continue reading 

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Software Features, Pick One

A few months back I saw a tweet that stuck with me. It was from Alton Brown. I’m not a foodie, but for some reason, this one stuck in my head. I think it’s because it resonated in other parts … Continue reading 

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The Right Tool, The Right Time

Over the past few months I have been reviewing many of the products I was involved in creating, both as a developer and an architect, and have assembled an inventory of the technology and architecture used. With a catalog of products … Continue reading 

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Debug It!

If there’s one thing I like about programming computers, it’s the ability to tell a machine exactly what to do. –insert Skynet reference here– With that said, I wanted to learn some more tips, tricks and techniques to figure out … Continue reading 

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One Year of Production ASP.NET MVC

Last week marked the one year anniversary our team’s first ASP.NET MVC application in production. We really have two different types of production. Internal and external. While an internal application might get used by 2 to 100 people, our external … Continue reading 

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Unique Keys versus IDs in Web Applications

An ID is a fine way to uniquely identify an object, the common usage is also very user un-friendly. A while back I was watching a presentation by Jeffrey Palermo on Community For MVC.Net, then later at a live presentation … Continue reading 

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Unit Testing Simple ASP.NET MVC Controllers

I have created enough simple projects using ASP.NET MVC with unit tests to notice a very helpful pattern. The following is a sample of a test fixture using RhinoMocks and NUnit to test a controller. 1: [TestFixture] 2: public class … Continue reading 

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How I Approach a Defect

Lately I’ve been tracking some of the steps I go through in a given day or week. I was fixing a bug the other day when I decided that I should write down all the mental notes I refer to … Continue reading 

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31 Days of Refactoring eBook

Back in August I did the 31 Days of Refactoring blog series. Fellow LosTechies as well as other community members urged me to convert the series into an eBook. I had intended to (really!), but Simone Chiaretta beat me to … Continue reading 

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