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We Remembered Not to Dive Too Deep Too Soon

While reading “Remember to not dive too deep too soon” by Derik Whittaker, I was reminded of something that happened at work today. We were going over a couple new stories in our backlog and needed to assign points to … Continue reading 

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Now that I use the Delete Key…

Some Quick Background I have the longest tenure on our team, and it’s not that long; there was a bit of an exodus just prior to me joining. I was with a small contract team and none of us knew … Continue reading 

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Anti-Patterns and Worst Practices – You’re Doing it Wrong!

When shown ideal code, I think developers understand why it is favorable. When it is regarding Separation of Concerns (SoC) or Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) the consensus is something along the lines of “of course, that makes sense”. But not … Continue reading 

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Workaround is a Four-Letter Word

Today in a meeting I heard: “We can provide a workaround for you” and immediately wrote down the title of this post in my notepad. Obviously, workaround is not a four-letter word in reality, but does have nearly the same … Continue reading 

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Avoiding Development Disasters @ WTF

At the moment we are between feedings for Aidan and all is quiet at the moment. I am trying to catch up on my rss feeds and came across a really good post on Worse Than Failure title “Avoiding Development … Continue reading 

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