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Java IoC containers and classpath scanning (or what I’ve been looking for from .NET for months)

Frustrated with the typical way I saw IoC used in Java where every example I found involved thousands of lines of XML and/or Java code to configure Java beans or components.  This is very different than IoC typically used in … Continue reading 

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Take 3: Python, ISP, IoC, and OCP need a fundamental rethink.

In response to Julian’s thoughtful Dynamic Languages and SOLID Principles I’d have to argue he is about 95% there but is missing the last critical links needed to view this in a whole different light. For ISP, Julian says it … Continue reading 

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I recant my IoC! IoC containers in dynamic languages are silly.

After a year or so of solid Alt Dot Net infection (as far as infections go its a pretty awesome one to have), I decided to give Python a try again for more than one off sysadmin tasks, and to … Continue reading 

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Wiring Up Generics In Castle Windsor

I’m working with a new team that has a slightly different technology stack then I’m used to.  On most projects where I am the team lead, StructureMap is my IOC container of choice.  I’ve always thought that this was just … Continue reading 

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The usual result of Poor Man’s Dependency Injection

Alternate Title: An IoC Container is a Rich Man’s Factory Pattern Implementation I ruffled some feathers with my last post on Poor Man’s Dependency Injection (PDMI), so please allow me to clarify further. The natural progression of using PMDI is … Continue reading 


Just say no to ‘Poor Man’s Dependency Injection’.

For background, Jimmy Bogard originally posted about the ‘poor man’s dependency injection’ style used in NerdDinner. Not to single out NerdDinner, because there are lots of apps out there doing this. NerdDinner just happened to be the most recent and … Continue reading 


Learning StructureMap Through Tiny Goals

While I’ve been using Castle’s Windsor for a bit now, but wanted to get some StructureMap code running just to get some exposure to it; I’ve heard good things. I decided to set a simple goal and try to achieve … Continue reading 

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