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Connection to Oracle From Spark

For some silly reason there is a has been a fair amount of difficulty in reading and writing to Oracle from Spark when using DataFrames. SPARK-10648 — Spark-SQL JDBC fails to set a default precision and scale when they are not defined … Continue reading 

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Reflection Scala-2.10 and Spark weird errors when saving to Cassandra

This originally started with this SO question, and I’ll be honest I was flummoxed for a couple of days looking at this (in no small part because the code was doing a lot). But at some point I was able to … Continue reading 

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Logging The Generated CQL from the Spark Cassandra Connector

This has come up some in the last few days so I thought I’d share the available options and the tradeoffs. Option 1: Turn ON ALL THE TRACING! nodetool settraceprobability 1.0 Probabilistic tracing is a handy feature for finding expensive … Continue reading 

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Spark job that writes to Cassandra just hangs when one node goes down?

If one node takes down your app, do you have any replicas?

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Lambda+: Cassandra and Spark for Scalable Architecture

UPDATE: For some background on Spark Streaming and Cassandra please consult some of my previous blog post on the subject. Many of you have heard of and a few of you may have used the Lambda Architecture. If you’ve not heard … Continue reading 

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Real Time Analytics With Spark Streaming and Cassandra

Spark Streaming is a good tool to roll up transactions data into summaries as they enter the system. When paired with an easily idempotent data store like Cassandra you get a high performance low hassle approach to getting your work done. … Continue reading 

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Reading Code, Spark’s Once Attribute

For those who don’t know what Spark is… Spark is an open source view engine for Castle’s MonoRail Project (version 2.0 just recently released!) and ASP.NET MVC. The creator of Spark, Louis DeJardin, came up with the project in a … Continue reading 

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